Resitech manufactures and supplies poly damp-proof course to the Australian building and window industry and has appointed industry distributors for the product.

If you’re interested in distributing our dampcourse product or are a construction or window manufacturing business that’s looking for a reliable, quality damp course waterproofing product that’s made in Australia, please contact us

Why our DampCourse is Superior

Resitech manufactures damp course on-site in our Brisbane facility so you know you’re buying an Australian product when you order from us. Here’s a few of the reasons our dampcourse is superior to other imported and local products available on the market today:-

  • Made in Queensland by experts with decades of experience
  • The resin used to make the product is made on site to our high standards.
  • Our damp course is made from 100% recycled plastic and embossed on both sides to fit securely into all areas requiring waterproofing.
  • It is stabilised for UV protection and its core is also made from recycled plastic (not cardboard) so that you know our product is genuine, this also provides a totally recyclable product.
  • Permanent Moisture Barrier
  • 500 µM thickness, as per the Australian Standard.
  • Double sided embossing
  • Conforms to Australian Standard 2904 – 1995
We offer a range of sizes and lengths to suit each customer’s order and are currently supplying most of the leading building and window suppliers in Australia. Our competitive pricing and efficient service ensures our customers are always satisfied.

Why it’s Made from Recycled Products

There are several reasons we choose to make it from recycled LDPE resin:-

  • Better for the environment
  • Less processing than making it from supplied or imported ingredients
  • We control quality and that’s important to us and our customers
  • Less travel time from factory floor to site which reduces carbon footprint

Damp Course Specifications

Each building job requires the correct size and design so that the job can be water proofed successfully. Our design and production team have worked to develop a high-quality product list for our customers to choose from.

If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the information here, please ask our Customer Service team for more help.

Damp Course Specifications

Click to download these PDF files

Polyethylene Dampcourse is now available in 10m, 30m, 50m and 100m roll lengths as a standard stock size. Custom extruded lengths are also available on a case-by-case quotation. The 30m rolls are packed in custom-designed boxes with the 50m rolls available unboxed on a pallet.
Resitech Industries can accomodate alternate sizes and lengths dependent on order quantity.