The Resitech Group F.A.Q’s


Q.: Do you sell your products direct to the public?

A.: Yes, please call within business hours for a quote. Pick up from our Wacol site or delivery is available via Australia Post.


Q.: Do you deliver interstate and overseas?

A.: Yes, we regularly schedule interstate and overseas deliveries.


Q.: Do your products meet Australian Standard’s?

A.: Our DPC product is compliant to Australian Standard 2904.


Q.: Can I buy your product in stores?

A.: Yes! Dampcourse can be purchased through our distributors (in Bunnings stores throughout Australia. Under the Plascourse label.), please contact us for more details.


Q.: Can you make custom sizes of slip sheets?

A.: Yes, call us for your individual requirements. Please note there is a minimum order quantity for non-standard sizes.


Q.: Do you make any other products?

A.: Yes, we make brick strapping for the brick and paver industry and pallet pads (an alternative to cardboard separaters that are reusable), dimple sheets for the tile industry. If you have a particular need, please contact our sales team to work with you in creating a product to suit you.


Q.: Do you accept waste from outside of the SE QLD corner?

A.: Yes, we do accept waste, as well as product from the western and north-western QLD. There are a number of factors to consider, so please call the office for further details.


Q.: Can we drop our plastic waste off at your site?

A.: Yes, but you need to call and confirm that we will accept the waste first and then book a time.  Only waste of LD, HD & PP types (Numbers 2, 4, 5) are accepted at our sites.


Q.: Do you accept car bumper bars?

A.: No


Q.: Do you accept technology cases (i.e. computer cases, keyboards etc).

A.: No, most of these products are ABS or number 7 plastics which we cannot recycle.


Q.: Do you provide an installation service for the Root Gard product?

A.: No. But we can refer you to some of our preferred installers.


Q.: Can slip sheets be reused?

A.: Yes, plastic slip sheets are very durable and can be reused until they become damaged or worn.  Once they can no longer be reused, we can help you with recycling your slip sheets.


Q.: Are slip sheets hygienic?

A. Yes, they avoid the contamination risks associated with fibrous handling materials like cardboard and wood. And are good options to avoid issues with ISPM 15 and HACCP.


Q.: Will slip sheets save me money?

A.: Yes. There will be an initial outlay for a slip sheet attachment for your forklift. But that cost will be quickly recouped by the savings made in switching to slip sheets.  Just a few ways in which you will save:

  • Plastic slip sheets are cheaper than wooden pallets.
  • Slip sheets can be reused many times unlike cardboard slip sheets.
  • Reduced shipping weight, as plastic slip sheets are only a fraction of the weight of wooden pallets.
  • Increased space in shipping containers
  • Elimination of cost of pallets/pallet exchange program.


Q.: Is Root Gard – your root barrier product suitable for controlling the roots of all tree/plant types?

A.: Root Gard is suitable for most applications, because it prevents the trees roots from seeking out water in the surrounding soil, however the best point of contact regarding your tree root damage problem is an arborist.